By Tré Taylor


"Celebrating the Riff Raff of the Magical Kingdom."



Theme Song ~ The Gnome - Pink Floyd:

My new daily driver.
I don't really consider my daily driver an Art Car.

It's really more like adorable, offensive, drive-by graffiti.

The holographic rainbow paint looks super cool in the sunlight.
The first of the Gnaughty Gnomes.
These Gnomes probably hate putting together IKEA furniture as much as I do.
This is what happens when Gnomes drink tequila.
Lookout Louis always guides my way.
The Gnew Gnaughty Boys!
I need more Gnomes!  This is video inspires a great idea!
These guys are helpful when it comes to rude drivers in traffic.
It's hard to miss in a parking lot.
Yay Beer!
I think it needs a red fur interior soon..




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