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Dear World, 

Welcome to my really weird little space tangled in the inter-webs.  A one stop distraction to follow whatever creative, fun project I may be working on.  It's also a great place to find informative, wild and cool, controversial, empowering useful links of people revealing truth and inventing things I really admire. "I'm all about challenging the paradigm of everything you think you know as truth and expanding the possibilities of a better world for every living thing, in fun and interesting ways."

I have spent a majority of my life doing personal research in the field of psychology, ethics, linguistics and philosophy, psychohistory, social science and the study of consciousness.  I have focused the last decade on the studies of persuasion, NLP, hypnosis, social engineering, subliminal marketing, personal development and the art of de-programming from social and cultural conditioning. 

I have an appreciation for the silly, weird, dark humor and satirical side of life and find joy in the beauty, the oddities and the ridiculous things - The Really Weird Stuff people, generations, societies and cultures are uncomfortable to talk about.  It's been said, "Religion is for people who are afraid to go to hell, Spirituality is for those who have already been there."  This may be where I get my sense of humor.

I AM LIVING PROOF THAT ANYONE CAN CHANGE - Really Change themselves, into whatever they consciously want to become.  I believe there is hope for mankind and the future of life on this planet. 

My name is Tracy (My friends call me Tré) I'm a San Francisco Bay area native.  (For the astrologers: 12/13/1962, San Rafael, CA 2:03am) My ancestors are from a line of very old Scandinavian European Nordic and Prussian lineage.  My family and maiden name is Lithuanian - Gregonis.  My father was born and grew up in a Polish neighborhood in Montclair, New Jersey.  He is the tall handsome dark brooding 'Tortured Artist' type, built like a Viking.

My mother was born in Boise, Idaho.  They were German, Polish and Irish decent - From a long line of open-range cattle herders, 'The First American Cowboys'.  Originally from "The South", who then came to the great state of Idaho.  She was a petite, beautiful, elegant, shit kicking, fiery redheaded woman and a 'Jill-of-All Trades'.  Both my parents ended up in the San Francisco Bay area and met in an art class at the College of Marin in the late 1950's, and later both became fine artists.  I am a chip off the old block.  You could say I was born an artist and have inherited many character traits from both of them.  I grew up in Sonoma county in the 60's & 70's. 

My family wasn't religious, but I was weird enough to explore them all at a young age.  I've been sprinkled, christened, dunked, splashed, anointed by fire, water, air, earth, sage, Gris Gris hand - You name it, I've got them all covered just in case.  I ended up not buying Christianity or ANY religion out there, but I really dig gospel music : )  I am a born intuitive and have had one eye in this world and one in the next for most of my life.  I'm more of a Mystic, Heretic and Gnostic Explorer.  To say that I question Reality is an understatement.  I majored in Psychology & Business Administration.  I kissed a few toads, I married, divorced, I kept the name Taylor.  I never had any kids.  

I have a soothing speaking voice and I love to sing.  I spent years in vocal training.  I studied with Raz Kennedy (Bobby McFerrin), The Jazz School in Berkeley, CA and studied with David Stroud (Seth Riggs-Speech Level Singing).  I worked as a lead vocalist and toured the country in Rhythm & Blues, Americana bands, Big Funk Corporate Dance Bands throughout the 1980's & 1990's.  Today, jazz is my true  passion.

In 1999, a very talented friend Doug Wendt and I started a jazz project called Tré Taylor and The Dangerous Martini Quartet. We were featured at The Plush Room, San Francisco, performed for a decade in the Fillmore Jazz Preservation District and the Wine Country, Napa & Sonoma, California.  We ended our jazz quartet in 2012. 

I am currently working on my writing, including my own original songs. I am working on a new music project and will make sure to let you know when I'm back out there performing.  I am also attempting to learn to play slide blues on the Tenor Ukulele.  Yes, I am a writer and a vocalist, so I have a day job.  I work in the science field of the biotech industry, rubbing shoulders with some of the most brilliant minds out there in search of alleviating suffering in the world. 

I am a big fan of ART & STYLE.  I'm restoring a 1973 T2 VW Camper Bus in some interesting and creative ways. I have been creating "Glamping Events", for fun folks who gather together a few times a year and set-up luxurious tents restored vintage trailers, classic camper vans, and other fun recreational vehicles and glamorously camp in select remote places all over the Western United States.  It's a hobby that may become a business. 

There is something transformative about disconnecting from society and the world and just being in nature, where it's quiet and you can see all of the stars in the night sky when you are far from the city lights.  When you can hear crickets chirping and smell and see nature blooming reminding you - to slow down and come home and back to the roots of which you are.  It's good to reboot your system in simple natural goodness as often as you can.  It's even better to do it with silly, fun people in style and comfort.  There is great wisdom in reconnecting to your true natural essence in nature. 

I have spent years on a path of self-discovery and balance (Here I am at 5 years old "balancing"  - that little silver thing in the photo, is a thimble. : ) 

Some seriously fucked up things happened to me at a young age. As a result, my childhood was a difficult one.  Since the age of 8, I have lived with PTSD, depression and severe dyslexiaBecause of this, my body, mind and spirit developed special gifts and skills to compensate for these short comings. It's done great things to my noggin, my perception of reality, consciousness and gave me a really weird goofy sense of humor and zest for life. 

The other good thing is, I am a social creature and have always seemed to find wonderful people, friends and families to be there for me all through my childhood and all along my life path.  I learned what I needed from other peoples families and found my own way.  I am a lucky person generally, things seem to always work out for me.  But there were serious rough patches.  During those times, I was prescribed depression medications and other meds to treat PTSD.  The side effects from the meds were worse than the original problems.

Without much support and against the 'over  prescribed' medical system, I fired all of the doctors and I saved myself and have found creative ways to heal and make it on my own.  Those "Side effects" are actually "Effects", they almost killed me!  I still have dyslexia, but I have found, that the more grounded in "Present time" I become, the less intense it is.  Staying present in the NOW helps everything really.  Kindle Reader, Audible, great podcasts and some narration software have improved my life greatly!

It's allowed me to really study the things I couldn't before.  I have had all kinds of mystical experiences throughout my life and had spent years researching how to explain them to myself.  I also explored deeper ways of healing and learning through sacred teaching plants.  I received much emotional, spiritual and even physical healing from my Ayahuasca experiences. 

In the 1990's, I became a Master Nero Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist.  I have the soothing voice that helps put even the hardest to relax people, into deep trance.  I even worked as Marketing Director for NLP Institute Comprehensive/California and Anthony Robbins & Associates for a time.  I love brilliant minds and have had the honor of studying some of the best minds out there.  I had a private NLP coaching practice, but I found it was not my thing long term.  I have taken my work in a bigger direction and have become a private investigator for the soul, heart and mind of humanity.  The study of consciousness and the unconscious mind have been my life's mission.  

The true meaning in the study of the occult is to go deep within ones psyche and find the hidden spark of the divine within you.  This opens your eyes to see the grand truths and the grand illusions.  We are all in trance most of the time, being out of trance and knowing the difference is the key.  After years of grieving, healing, studying and finally just sitting and accepting the darkest most disowned parts of my identity, I found that simply listening to nature and being patient and compassionate with myself greatly relieved my symptoms.  The more comfortable you are being able to be still and quiet and at peace with yourself, you will begin to know who you are and break free from the mold that others have cast for you - be it YOU or your family, society, religion or culture. 

Much of what I share on this website will challenge your beliefs and hopefully inspire you to explore new concepts of what real freedom and gnosis actually can be.

I hope this helps you along your path.

I welcome any weird and interesting things you want to hurl my way!  Contact me via email here.

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"Well that's where we are. You say we're on the brink of destruction and you're right. But it's only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve."

 - A quote from the Day the Earth Stood Still 2008